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In our Cameron Park office We understand the need to know what things cost, and we strive to keep our dental fees within your budget. We offer an $37 x-ray, exam and cleaning special along with other discounts. The ad below is from another dental office. Most of the procedures listed have a large range in their fees, and can be misleading. It is difficult for any Dental office to list their fees for numerous reasons.

First anyone can take the listed fees, go to another office and negotiate different fee. Sometimes by a small amount. This type of bargain hunting does not reflect in the quality of care and range of services provided. It is almost impossible to match oranges to oranges so to speak with Dental procedures.

Quality with a value is our goal. We understand the desire and need to save

Let’s take a crown for example. There are many different kinds of crowns and the costs varies depending the type, the metal used, and which Dental lab builds the crown. We use a quality lab that promotes their product, not their low prices.

Last, we believe it is in a patient’s best interest to choose a Dentist who not only offers quality dental care but can also provide a treatment plan that meets the patients needs in all ways. Changing your Dentist by each promotion jepordizes your dental health. Finding that dentist that meets all your needs can be a challange. I hope my Dental office can be the one that meets all your dental needs.

These fees were listed to help give you an idea of what Dentistry can cost .


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