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Dr. Robert Catron, Dentist

Dr. Catron Dentist
Dr. Catron, Dentist

If there were anything about me that patients should know is my solid conviction towards honesty, integrity and about the value of a dollar. Providing a treatment plan that not only meets the need of each patient but also makes dentistry affordable to achieve a healthy smile. I welcome those tough decisions about how teeth and smile dollars are spent. Being from a large family, I was the 4th of 5 children, we rarely saw a dentist. To pay for college, I worked summers on Wyoming oil rigs, and one summer I drove to Alaska without funds for family support to get back. Fortunately, I found work on Alaskan fishing boats and I spent the next three summers paying for college through my summer jobs in Alaska.

During dental school I worked weekends at the local hospital in San Francisco staffing the nursing department along with managing an apartment complex as well. I was able to score in the top 90% on my National Dental Boards, even with the heavy school and work schedule.

Dr. Catron with Family

Thus, since I have earned my way in every aspect, I appreciate the value of a dollar and I look forward to providing the same value to you. I strive to provide the highest level of care for each patient. Whether it is the best cosmetic dentistry or just quality dental health to keep and maintain your smile. A long term successful result is important. Our motto is “You’re the Boss”, which means we explain everything in detail and let you make the decisions that are best for you.

I enjoy spending my free time with my wife, Yamileth and my 4 children. I am active in the community in many ways. I have donated my time as a Boy Scout leader, President of Junior Cougar football, soccer coach and supported many youth programs in El Dorado Country. As a young man I spent 2 years in South America on a mission trip where I became fluent in Spanish.

Our mission statement at Sierra Dental and Orthodontics is to treat every patient as though they are part of our family, we offer specials to fit every budget. We take pride in making each patient our first priority. All patients are included in the decision making of their treatment and as myself and staff will tell you, “you are the boss”. Our Dr. and staff strive to provide a comfortable relaxed environment to make dentistry as less stressful as possible. Our living room effect allows you to recline in the chair and watch your favorite program.

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