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Dentist costs shouldn’t be scary, or limit your procedures

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In our Cameron Park office We understand the need to know what things cost, and we strive to keep our dental fees within your budget, and work with you on your payment. We offer x-ray, exam and cleaning specials along with other discounts. We take the long term view and help our clients choose wisely for their future and their budget.  This can save thousands of dollars going forward, offering overall value, not a quick, temporary fix that’ll have to be redone later with more money spent. As a result, our patients are happy well into the future.

At Sierra Dental and Orthodontics, your ability to pay doesn’t effect the quality of our work. We treat every patient the same, and offer help through our in-house plan, and our front-desk workers who know every insurance out there and how to get the most from yours.

Quality with Value is our goal. We understand the desire and need to save!

Let’s take a crown for example. There are many different kinds of crowns and the costs varies depending the type, the metal used, and which Dental lab builds the crown. We use a quality lab that promotes their product, not their low fees.

Last, we believe it is in a patient’s best interest to choose a Dentist who not only offers quality dental care but can also provide a treatment plan that meets the patients needs in all ways. Changing your Dentist by each promotion jeopardizes your dental health. Finding that dentist that meets all your needs can be a challenge. We hope our Dental office can be the one that meets all your dental needs. At our office, you’re the boss. We will give you options we explain in full, but the final treatment plan is in your hands. 

Dental Insurance Plans We Accept

We accept most PPO plans and work to maximize your benefits. We also offer an alternative “in house value plan” to those patients who do not have work or other coverage. Talk to us, we’re flexible

Dental Budget Plan

Our in house Dental Budget Plan for the uninsured features a low cost of $99 per person, per year. It includes: cleaning, exam, x-ray and up to 20% discount on services performed. Conditions apply, so be sure to contact our office for details. Applies to new patients only.

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