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There have been multiple studies comparing the effectiveness of manual tooth brushes as opposed to electric brushes.

At our Cameron Park dentist office we can relate to the need to understand the best procedures to care for your teeth. We strive to answer all your questions and keep our dental fees within your budget. We offer an x-ray, exam and cleaning special along with other discounts.

Although not all electric tooth brushes are the same, these studies conclude that in general electric brushes are more efficient in controlling plaque than manual tooth brushes. Theoretically, you can do a very good brushing with a regular hand brush, but the movements of an electric brush make the task easier and more effective.

Also, some electric brushes (Sonicare) produce sonic vibrations that are difficult to mimic with a hand brush! Other electric brushes like Oral-B and Rotadent have small heads that help you access hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. This aspect is more important when you are talking about someone with orthodontic braces or a history of gum disease.

Don’t forget to set a reminder to replace your toothbrush or brush head every 3-4 months. Replace it sooner if the bristles appear bent or broken; it won’t clean as well.

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