Dentist wearing a mask,showing a tooth image with roots highlighted

Root canal treatment is often the only way to save a problem tooth and involves filling in all the hollow canals and other hollow parts of the tooth so bacteria can’t live inside your tooth. Of all the changes that I have seen in my 25 years plus career as a Dentist,  root canal treatment is one that has significantly improved.

When done correctly, they are less painful and more successful than years ago. Maybe the best thing that has happened is the development of strong microscopes that allow the Dentist to see  many more of the hollow canals that exist deep in the tooth. Before microscopes, small canals were/are routinely missed, almost guaranteeing that the roo tcanal fails after a few months or years. These micro scopes are so expensive that they are found almost exclusively in rootcanal specialists offices.

So, we advise all our patients to not have General Dentists to do their root canals. If they aren’t using a micro scope, the odds of expensive re treatment increase. We use  numerous Root canal specialists in our practice. All of them use microscopes and one of them charges about the same price that a general Dentist would charge. Thus, we maintain our reputation of quality and good price awareness. All adding up to our goal of a High Value Dental Practice.

At our Cameron Park dentist office we understand your questions and concerns on root canal treatments and our fee structures. We strive to answer all your questions on root canals and keep our dental fees within your budget. We offer an x-ray, exam and cleaning special along with other discounts.

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