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At Sierra Dental and Orthodontics we believe that with the many advances science is contributing to Dentistry, you really should be at the best modern Dental office that you’ve ever been to. At our Cameron Park office we offer $63 x-ray, exam and cleaning specials along with other discounts that fit modern techniques into your budget. Incorporating smart new technology is important to best keep up your smile, but it also is important for environmental and safety reasons as well. The following are examples of our positions of what modern dentistry we offer and specifically don’t offer as well.

Digital Radiography

Digital X-ray modern dentistry

In 1990 when I first opened my Dental practice, I recognized this super advanced technology that allows instant x-rays with one third the radiation. Manufactured by a French Company called “Trophy”, I was the first Dentist in Northern California to implement this technology. Now this technology is widespread with most every Dentist using it. Not only does it reduce radiation exposure, but it saves time with instant decision making information. Because development chemicals aren’t used, it is also safer for the environment.

Silver Mercury

Silver mercury is not a modern dental technique
Silver mercury

The evidence against Silver Mercury is continually adding up. The stuff is truly toxic to the environment and it is a fact that numerous Countries have made it illegal. While we agree that in the form of a filling, you should not worry about it. However, we have incorporated advanced systems to clean out the Mercury that is dumped into our environment. We don’t use it in our Patients. By incorporating advanced savaging systems, you can make sure that your old Mercury ends up where it should. At Waste management centers, not in our environment.

Bio Film Containment Systems

Public water is safe, however, it still contains layers and layers of bio film. By incorporating bottle systems, bio film (which is layers and layers of bacteria) is eliminated. Thus, providing another layer of safety towards your dental care.

Cad-Cam Dental Crowns

Crowns have been around for decades. Once a tooth has been damaged enough, covering up the tooth with a crown really does protect it for a long time. Cad Cam refers to the ability of a machine to cut out your crown at the same time that the tooth is prepared. This is one of those technologies that offers promise, yet simply isn’t ready for prime time in our opinion. Some Dentists are using these systems now. They do offer the advantage of crown appointments in one seating, though not necessarily less total time in the Dental Chair.The problem in our opinion, simply is that most crowns are made for your back teeth and don’t do well with all porcelain crowns. Porcelain, is glass, and they beak. Glass is brittle and uncomfortable for some. They break often, and considering that the cost of a crown is around 1,000 and that insurance won’t pay for another one for 5 years(on average), we believe that we protect our patients by not offering this specific product. It is the Dentist’s responsibility by law to explain all options to a Patient when offering a crown. This technology (a Cad Cam system) is about 120,000 dollars for the Dentist, thus in our opinion, most Dentists who buy this technology simply have to keep it going just to pay for itself. It is our belief, that if the Dentists were to honestly explain all the pros and cons of this technology, that most would choose other crown types that are more durable and don’t have to be automatically redone if and when fractures occur. After personally having to re do these types of crowns on Patients many times who now see us, most all of them have reported that the Dentist who placed these crowns didn’t provide them with the different crown options and their various pros and cons of each option. Our same attitude and position on Cad Cam technology is also shared by many lecturers and specialists in our field.

Cameron Park Dentist

We will continue watching this technology and in our opinion, it does show promise as they move towards stronger and more cosmetic plastics (better repair-ability, alter-ability, and without the damage to the opposing teeth that happens with porcelain). Remember this about crowns. There are many types to choose from, each one with its different options.

It is still a fact that the most physiological healthy and longest lasting crowns are those made of Gold. While we don’t advocate placing Gold in cosmetically sensitive areas, we do advocate crowns (gold or other wise) that are healthy and durable when ever possible. While most ladies (or other cosmetically sensitive Patients) will choose Porcelain, we’ll at least advocate metal underneath for durability, and if a Patient wants an all porcelain crown, especially on their front teeth, so be it. Those high quality cosmetic services are offered here. Certainly not in one day though. Front teeth demand high end custom cosmetic crowns which is just one more reason why Cad Cam systems aren’t ready for prime time.

Thus, while we can’t get you that new crown in one day, here at Sierra Dental & Orthodontics you will get an honest appraisal of all your options and the pros and cons associated with those options.